This was taken by the Positiving Owners. It is a picture of the top of a tree with the sun's streaming rays across a cloud dotted sky. There are the words "10 Simple Steps To a Bright Day!" written on the picture.
Photo Credit Positiving owners

In our Everyday Thoughts post, we started discussing how our daily thought patterns influence our positive attitude. I mentioned how one way to help change our current thought patterns to more positive thought patterns is to become more self-aware of our thoughts. What I’d like to discuss now is an additional method we can use to help our thought patterns and lifestyle become more positive.
So what can we do everyday to help support a more positive lifestyle? Try following this or a similar everyday ‘plan of action’ list:

1.  Have you said, “I love you!” to someone yet?

2.  Have you laughed and/ or made someone else laugh today?

3.  Have you taken enough “me” time?

4.  Has there been enough family time?

5.  Have you helped someone out?

6.  Have you said, “Thank-You!” to someone who didn’t expect it?

7.  Have you hugged someone yet?

8.  Have you exercised yet?

9.  Did you appreciate at least 1 aspect of nature today?

10.  Did you congratulate yourself for something positive you accomplished?

What others can you think of? 

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