We think it’s time for everyone to celebrate and really accept our humanity because as so many of us know, truly accepting each others’ differences and similarities has been a struggle throughout the recorded human history. Why so many people, even today, have such a difficult time accepting and celebrating that we all are of the human race is truly lost upon us here at Positiving.
Why do so many people still try to separate us with categories like gender, race, age, married, single, sexual orientation, religious views, etc.? We are all human-Period. Isn’t that alone enough and worth both truly accepting and celebrating our humanity instead of fighting over these contrived separating distinctions?

Acknowledging Past Progress

Thankfully, some of the separation has ended and that is a true sign of positive progress. One of those positive signs worth celebrating is that we today we see people of all races, ages, and genders participating in all walks of life. Some examples of this are all the varied people who are doctors, airline pilots, managers, politicians, reporters, restaurant owners, company executives, support staff of all types, and many more. Everyone should have always had the right to all of these things (and more) simply because we’re all human.

Room For Improvement

But there is, unfortunately, still a long ways to go as evidenced by everything we hear about. Examples of this are the wars over religious differences that are going on, employment discrimination, trying to over-define marriage since it’s truly only about two people loving each other, and even gender based competitions. Just taking a look through various on-line news article comments alone shows us how powerfully people still practice these human separation practices by arguing with each other about these types of topics and more.
Overall, there is still too much of the “I’m right and you’re wrong” mentality happening on both sides of the fence for all this and more. Is spending energy on those separation activities really helping those who are caught up in all this enjoy their lives when life is so short? Isn’t finding ways to separate ourselves like this actually hurting all of us and causing unnecessary grief instead of helping us? Why do those who keep these things going spend so much time and energy to keep the un-acceptance and separation of each other going?

What We Can Do

What can we do to help heal the negativity that still exists and build upon the progress that has been made to assure true universal respect? As always, start with ourselves. Do we lead by example by preventing stereotype thought patterns within ourselves? Do we choose to take a positive approach and help others who choose to feed the un-acceptance see the benefits of acceptance with our example? Do we choose to positively respond to the argumentative ones who feed the un-acceptance by ensuring we refuse to argue back? Do we warmly greet and genuinely accept others who have different belief systems than ourselves simply because we’re all human? Do we stop the cycle of un-acceptance by teaching our children true acceptance? Un-acceptance, after-all, is usually a learned behavior from what we were taught; this is easily seen by observing young children interact with others because they naturally freely accept everyone.
Another way to help ourselves see that we are all human despite minute differences is just by simple open observance. When doing so, we can start to see that when someone is supporting a particular belief system or perhaps wearing a different type of clothing that is different than our own, we’re all still doing so many of the same things and still have the same basic human needs. We all eat, have fun, need water, need exercise, wear clothes, need to connect with each other, have families, have feelings, celebrate various events, and speak a language. And remember that no matter what the language is, smiles and laughter are easily understood and that sameness amongst all of us alone is worth celebrating. Aren’t those types of positive aspects the real ones worth concentrating on in life?
In the end, we can just plain celebrate life and our humanity because there is always room in our hearts and minds for many more celebrations. The more we can celebrate and pass on the positive aspects of acceptance, the happier we will all become.
What part of acceptance for all humanity will you celebrate today and how will you pass it on?
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