Communication. It’s something I think we all struggle with on some level. If you think about it, it’s talked about in regards to all different types of relationships, non-verbal communication, and in the professional world (to name a few). When doing a search on for the word ‘communication’ all by itself, I received more than 353 million results~Wow! Yet despite that, there are so many people who do struggle with it; and struggling with it can be a something that could be blocking the path to a more positive lifestyle.


I think all this leaves one asking why are we struggling with this so much?

I think one aspect that sometimes gets forgotten about with communication is really listening.

Listening to what exactly?

Well, to ourselves.
The reason I think listening to ourselves more is beneficial is because I think there is a disconnect with many people from their true selves. If we aren’t able to effectively communicate with ourselves then we’re going to have a hard time effectively communicating with others.

How can we start communicating with ourselves?

One way to begin is by putting ourselves in a position where we quietly spend time with ourselves. The reason why is so we can really “hear” what is within us. This, however, can be quite challenging in our information overloaded culture.

In what ways might we spend time with ourselves and how will this help a person become a better communicator?

These questions are certainly worth delving into and with that in mind, we’ve provided some ideas in some of our other blog posts.

If you’d like to learn what they are, feel free to check out our Internal Communication, More Self Learning Techniques, and Moving Beyond Internal Communication Posts!

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