In our last post, Communicating, we talked about how important it is to communicate with yourself. To expand on that idea, we’ll talk about one of the ways to communicate with yourself today.

What I’d like to introduce is what my high school creative writing teacher called ‘freewriting’. Though the concept was originally introduced to me back in high school, a very dear and near friend recently reminded me of the concept and I give him credit for re-igniting this within me. Though he uses a different term, it’s still the same as freewriting.

What is freewriting?


To put it simply, it’s using any way of writing you prefer (pen and paper or typing) to allow thoughts within you to be freely written down without being filtered, criticized, or edited. Basically, you do not think about punctuation, format or topic and if you switch topics in the middle of another written thought, then so be it.
The other main part about it is to keep writing and literally to not stop writing until you feel you are finished. That ‘finished-for-now’ feeling is something that comes from within you.

The key to freewriting is focusing on and really listening to what is in you. It’s not about documenting events that have happened in your life because those events are external and freewriting is about what’s internal. Concentrating on your internal self allows you to discover new aspects of yourself that you may not be consciously aware of thereby allowing new insights into yourself.

What are the Benefits?

There are benefits to freewriting; and a couple examples of those benefits are gaining an understanding of perhaps why you react a certain way in certain situations or what it is you’d like to do for yourself in life.
When identifying these things, you can use it to affect changes in your life that you really want and can even help you identify steps to take to reach those goals.
You can also use these new-found insights to help you realize when you fall into habits that you want to change because freewriting can help you become more aware of yourself overall. When becoming more aware of yourself, you open up new communication doorways with others as well because it’s only through understanding ourselves that we can really understand others.

What to Keep in Mind

Now that we have a better understanding of what freewriting is, I’d like to mention a couple other key points to keep in mind.
One is that you’ll want to freewrite in a place and at a time when you can remove as many external distractions from your immediate environment as possible. This allows you to more freely open up and ‘hear’ yourself.
Another one is to keep doing it. Now, I don’t mean create a strict regular schedule that you ‘force’ yourself to follow since this should match your internal rhythms. That said, you won’t be able to really notice the benefits of freewriting until you do it on a “regular” basis and just go with whatever ‘schedule’ feels right for you.

How Will It Help?

In the end, freewriting is about helping you live a more Positiving life by enhancing your self-awareness on a deeper level to help you reach your own goals (whatever they may be). I really hope you give freewriting a try and when you do, please let us know how it helps you!
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