I’d now like to expand more on communication from our last two posts (Communicating and Internal Communication) and list some other techniques on how you might spend time communicating with yourself. The reason is because, as mentioned, spending time listening to ourselves helps us understand and more clearly communicate with others.
The techniques (in no particular order) are:

  • Meditation

  • Self-Hypnosis

  • Learning Your Own Body Language by Watching Yourself in the Mirror

Learning what body language you have may help you realize why someone may misunderstand you sometimes and/or help you understand other people’s body language.

  • Learning Your Own Facial Expressions

Though similar to the Body Language idea, it’s a bit different because this allows you to focus on only one important area of your body while gazing in the mirror as we all pay attention to the facial expressions of others. Isn’t it time to find out what others are noticing with you?

Now, I realize that you might feel a bit silly doing some of these things. Sometimes doing what’s uncomfortable is just what’s needed to understand ourselves in a new way and get us out of our “normal” behaviors so that we can begin to change for the better.

So, what other ways have you used to understand and communicate with yourself?
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