In our posts Internal Communication and More Self Learning Techniques, we expanded the topics that were originally brought up in our Communicating post. Since we’ve already mentioned some techniques that can help us listen to ourselves in those posts, we’ll now discuss how all this can help us become better communicators.
One of the benefits to the techniques mentioned in those previous posts is that learning how to listen to ourselves can help us listen to others. Giving undivided attention to ourselves on a regular basis can help us pay more attention to whom we are listening to because having those ‘releases’ with ourselves can help free up our otherwise cluttered minds to listen to others in a more focused way. Having more focus on who we are listening to can reduce misunderstandings and even help stop our minds from wandering while listening to others.
If you practiced the body language and facial expression exercises (that were mentioned in the above-referenced posts) with yourself, then you just might start seeing subtleties in others that you didn’t previously notice. Being cued into those clues with others can help you better understand who you are listening to and perhaps prompt you to ask more questions to help the other person open up more thereby deepening the conversation overall.
Another benefit to the techniques discussed is that since you’ll have a better understanding of yourself, you can express your ideas more concisely to others which can help them more clearly understand you. Afterall, communication is a two way street.

How about you:

What other ways have the techniques mentioned helped you?
Which one(s) have worked best for you?
What other techniques not mentioned here help you and how do they help you?
Please discuss!
And remember that helping yourself become a better communicator can help you have a more Positiving life by having less stress from misunderstandings and through learning about yourself so that you can be more in tune with yourself.

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