Hello and welcome to the first

Positiving.com blog post!


This picture was taken by and is being used on Positiving.com courtesy of Shana Stapelmann. It is a closeup of several leaves from a plant. One level of leaves is going from left to right while the next level is perpendicular to that. There is some green visible, though the dominate color is purple. There are two very tiny purple leaves in the center of the picture just beginning to grow.

New Leaves Representing New Beginnings 
Courtesy of Shana Stapelmann

Our names are Bob and Jenny and we’d like to start by saying that we will talk about several topics in our blog. For now, we ask you to just take a few moments and think about the last positive and uplifting story you heard about.
While you think about that, Bob would like to share a personal story with you:

The Gift of Sight

I have been thinking a lot lately about the miracles in our daily lives that we take for granted. Every day, we open our eyes and look at the new morning and our loved ones. I was in danger of losing that.
Early this year my vision was getting rapidly worse due to cataracts. My left eye was seeing no better than 20/200. I was seeing double of everything before the surgeries. The surgeon said he never saw anyone whose eyes were seeing so extremely different as mine whose brain was still using both eyes to see with. My single biggest fear was not getting to see my three-year-old son grow up. He is so happy I call him Mr. Giggles.
Then came the surgeries. Each eye had the surgery two weeks apart from each other. The surgeries worked perfectly. I have the best vision of my life. My beautiful loving partner says my eyes sparkle. And every day I remember a miracle was restored to me. I am grateful.

So I now ask you to think about what every-day “given” do you absolutely depend on, but never really stop to appreciate?

Go ahead and take a few moments to jot down some things that you don’t often think about. As you reflect upon those wonders, I challenge you to do something you really enjoy with whatever it is. For me, I can say I have a whole new appreciation for being able to see my son every day and very deeply enjoy that on a daily basis.
What about you?
Please feel free to share what “every-day” miracles you are grateful for here!