Is your water

Calm or Turbulent?

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This photo was taken by and is being used on courtesy of Shana Stapelmann. It shows a closeup of fast moving water with a small part of the water arcing up over the rest. Though taken during warm weather, it almost looks like and ice formation.

Photo Courtesy of 
Shana Stapelmann

Today we want to reflect upon how we truly are connected to literally everything. Go ahead and take a few moments to really think about what that means.
This really is an important concept to deeply internalize because when realizing this, we can begin to see just how the energy we put out there affects literally Everything and Everyone around us. Let us explain by talking about just one of those connecting links which is water.
Scientifically speaking, water is two atoms of hydrogen attached to one molecule of oxygen. And yet it helps to provide us with nothing less than the miracle of life.
The ancients really internalized all this and, in their wisdom, taught people to give thanks and think positive and loving thoughts. The good news is that our “modern” science is slowly catching up with their wisdom.


What is it we are referring to?


Well, take a look at Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water posted below (and here on Reviewing his work really shows just how much positive thoughts, music and even written words produce beautiful water crystals (versus the water crystal damage that occurs when negativity is present as demonstrated in the video).

Take a Look at what we mean:


Now think how we (our bodies) and how this incredible planet we live on are mostly made up of Water. Dr Emoto’s work really shows just how sensitive the water crystals are to energy. All this is just one way all of us really are strongly connected and how much our own thoughts about ourselves affect us.
So we ask you to give yourself and others positive thoughts and really Feel the difference it makes; because when you give yourself the gift of those positive thoughts then that means you are also giving off positive energy for all the water crystals around you.

Water All Around Us

Please, take a moment and think about all the water crystals around you now and how your current energy output is affecting them. Remember: this includes you, other people near you, bodies of water, the water in plants, and what you are drinking (to name a few).
(Please note that we know water is not always in a crystalized form and we are referring to water as “water crystals” for the sake of this discussion.)
In closing for today, we welcome your feedback so feel free to leave a comment. We also encourage you to pass this message along. Have a Positiving day everyone!