How does what is in your cells affect you?

When people in our culture think of cells, what comes to mind? Well, the answer is there are several possibilities. For example, many of us carry phones referred to as cells. Also, for those of us familiar with spreadsheets, (computer programs used for calculating mathematical formulas) we think of this when we enter numbers and other information into its cells. And thinking about human cells is still another possibility.
Now think of what happens if the wrong data is entered into some of those cells. For example, a wrong number entered into a phone or a spreadsheet would both produce inaccurate results. How much the error would affect the outcome and when the error would be noticed depends on the situation. With the phone, the error would quickly become obvious when the wrong number was called and most likely not affect us all that much. But an error in even just one spreadsheet cell, however, can really affect the outcome and potentially make a big difference. The error(s) in a spreadsheet might not be so obvious either since just one spreadsheet file can have hundreds, or even thousands, of pieces of information entered into it.

Going Further

So let’s now imagine another place that has even more data entered into its cells than a standard spreadsheet could hold. This place contains not just a few hundred or thousand cells, but rather tens of trillions. Let’s further expand this by thinking how each one of those small cells holds an enormous amount of information and that information is the cells’ memories. In addition to all that, these tiny cells can take all of this information and perform calculations with it that would make a supercomputer jealous. They are so sophisticated, in fact, that these cells coordinate their activities with each other at the same time as everything else.
As you probably realized, those microscopic cells make up the physical us. The reason it is important to think of the cells within us this way is because they all have their own memories about how to be healthy cells. Those memories are part of the data that make up our cells. With that in mind, think if even just a few cells have their healthy memories altered. This vital data might be altered by such things like poisonous chemicals or traumatic events. If that incorrect data is inputted into our cells, they might lose their memories about how to be healthy. This is especially problematic when they are ready to reproduce themselves because they pass on their memories, whether healthy or ill, to the newly created cells.

Creating A New You

Just as our cells are incorrectly producing more ill cells when they receive the incorrect unhealthy data from losing their healthy memories, they can also produce healthy cells again by re-learning how to be healthy. A couple ways this happens is by altering your internal belief systems and emotional states. As “non-conventional” as this sounds, there are scientific studies that have been performed to show how this concept works and proves how healing can happen. We really can remake ourselves for the better if illness occurs and one of many places to learn about this research is here where Dr. Deepak Chopra’s cellular healing information is explained. Another resource of many more for this information is in the following videos:
This video is a nice quick opening for the other two videos:

This video is part 1 of 2 and goes into this topic more by providing additional details and explanations:

The last video here shows a very specific way in which we can help ourselves. Though it mentions only one specific disease, we don’t see any reason why anyone can’t apply this to many illnesses to help themselves.


Will You Believe In You?

Really what we ask is that you truly believe in the Power of You and Others. Remember that when the cells are unhealthy, they had to learn how to be unhealthy and that they really can learn how to be healthy again. Just think of all the stories there are about how many people have experienced healing that we might see as miraculous because of the modern Western mindset. Yet, as we’ve seen from the above resources, the science is being done to prove how healing can happen by just your positive belief systems showing that if illness occurs, we can remake ourselves for the better. These scientists were able to break away from the mainstream Western medical mindset and the question for you is will you choose to do so as well? Will you really free yourself emotionally to positively think yourself healthy? Please let us know by leaving your comment(s)!